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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. First, fit the wiper-blade and then the plastic cover as shown:.

12a toner refilling method either you buy new ones or get it machine-refilled at vendors place. Printing is dark on right side of the page as compared to the left side. No, you should not use waste ink at all.

Be prepared with a star-cut screwdriver, a newspaper sheet or any waste-sheet, soft cloth, any sharp edged driver and a quality toner 12a toner refilling method bottle. Refills are done with untrusted vendors who can easily cheat with feque Tonner. So you have to take out the pins which are on both sides of the cartridge.

However after a refill my printer is printing fade one side and accurate the other side.

HP 12A Toner Refilling – Video Dailymotion

Not all the toners are mechanically same. Please how can I refill hp laser jetit seems I am not getting It right. Fix the magnetic roller gently. Get out the tension spring located at waste toner part. After you have taken outside cover, the next 12a toner refilling method is to take out drum unit.

Thank you so much for this helpful information. Now 12a toner refilling method the main part that is to refill the laser printer toner cartridge. After you remove pins from both sides of the toner cartridge, you have to remove refillnig spring as shown:. This will make us save a lot of cash.


How to Refill laser Printer Toner: Step by Step Instructions

Remove the magnetic roller washer by the twiser. Is there any different type of ink dry for different type of laser tojer I mean magnetic ink powder and non-magnetic ink powder? Do not remove the gears. 12q will see waste toner dust beneath the wiper blade.

One unit is a waste unit and the other is called ink-unit. For example you need magnetic ink for 12A toner and non-magnetic 12a toner refilling method 36A and 88 number toners.

I think one spring that is between the two units of the toner is missing. After removing the side cover, you can see a white plastic cover, you have to remove this and fill here the toner-ink:. These are the exact same words that came out of my mouth!

Fix the peassure roller to its position. Can I simply refill ink unit. 12a toner refilling method thank you very much for the information. Now 12a toner refilling method you have managed to open up Wiper-Bladeyou should clean the waste collector unit and Blade part.

Total you will find 4 screws. Then you will get two part, one is waste toner part and other is empty toner part. 12a toner refilling method Demonstration with Photo.

Backgroud of printed page is grey. Remove the waste dust completly with the help of brush. Before you start refilling the toner cartridge, it is important to buy a quality toner ink.


I have already changed the wiper blade, doctor blade, pcr, drum and magnetic rod.

Fix the wiper blade and fasten the screw gently. After pulling the toner from a laser printer the first step is toher open the screw of side cover as shown below: Refillijg laser toners should not be refilled at home. Open the other end of the cartridge by pulling it gently until it 12a toner refilling method.

Step by Step Instructions. Now what you have done 12a toner refilling method far is that you have opened the waste ink-unitcleaned it and then closed that unit.

Cheers Feroz Cassim Sri Lanka.


If necessary clean the roller by a wet cloth. Remove the drum pressure roller from the waste toner part of the hp 12 a cartridge.

Get out the drum by simply sliding the drum by side. Where from can I order an original tonner? Id have to do all that 4 times for my color 12a toner refilling method printer! Hold the toner as shown in the picture and pull both tonr apart.