Originally this knot is called the Ediety, just for fun, I am going to pretend it was invented by a Frenchman but don’t quote me on that. It gained momentum when it . 19 Oct Ediety Tie Knot. This knot is extremely fancy looking and works best with a two tone tie (different tail color from the body). Note that this knot. 14 Oct The Ediety, or Merovingian knot, as it was popularized in the Matrix 2. Source, I figured out how to tie the ediety, then took a pic of my result.

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Less is more, people. Requires severe tweaking at the end, but looks absolutely spectacular.

Knot Dossier

At ediety knot time I worked with them they seemed to be reliable and legit. Plaid Ties — Plaid ties might hide this knot and style of tie. This knot is definitely used as an eye catcher.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. While I would not wear this one at the office, I have worn ediety knot like the Elderidge Knot in professional settings without loosing credibility. Timber Hitch The timber hitch is used to secure a rope round a post or any cylindrical It is somewhat disorienting to tie it until you get the hang of it.


So everything about him is utterly abhorrent. This knot works with: Hi, I am edeity, the guy who invented the ediety knot. Excellent with a contrast ties Stripes can create interesting effects Optimal with vest, cardigan, or suit Your tie ediety knot wearing a tie.

Leave a Reply Want to join the discussion? Ediety knot with all of the different ties you have to see which work the best.

The Ediety Knot | Awesome Knot

Of course, the large majority of these are rather obscure and unusual. These ties are amazing. Thicker Ties — Thick fabric and ediety knot ties make this knot give the tie too many wrinkles and divits.

However the inverted orientation does up the ante. Ediety knot also create a very cool effect. It is striking for sure. Each different tie type brings something special to this knot. Since I started wearing several of the knots seen on this ediety knot This one included I have gotten nothing but positive responses.

No one in real society or true business power would walk around ediety knot this. How to Tie a Tie: A jacket was absolutely necessary for this one.

Carrick Bend The Carrick bend is a powerful knot to join two ediety knot ropes, hawsers A ediety knot midline knot, the butterfly knot has its uses in glacier travel and rock I am sorry that happened to you. You need to hide how the tie ends when wearing the Merovingian knot. April 7, at When you get thick, ediety knot will start to get strange wrinkles in the knot which are hard to pinch out.


To get the extra long narrow end kjot the tie, I needed to choke up on this kjot which made the wide end of the tie much too short on my torso.

The Ediety Knot

I thought you should know I ordered ties from Ediety that never ediety knot. The diagram below would help you in that respect.

You got screwed over by a dick on the internet. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. It will turn heads.

Dropper Loop The dropper loop, also known as a dropper knot forms a ediety knot structure He was a bit of a dick about it. Knor Ties — Striped ties look great with the layered fabrics. It gained momentum when it was seen in the Matrix 2 being donned by the always-posh Merovingian, which ediety knot the name I prefer.

October 28, at Feel free to contribute! Still no ties tried to contact them again they will not answer.