Heat line C24 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Heat line C24 Installation, Servicing And User Instructions Manual. The boiler’s ‘Log Book’ must be completed at each Service visit. By means of a manual switch the C24/C28 can be set to operate in one of two operating modes, . Boiler Manuals for the Heatline Compact C24 appliance.

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Pay attention when fitting back the washer 6. Always isolate the electricity supply Conduct all electrical check: Re-assemble in reverse order Fan replacement 1.

Naturally in instances where you appliance is installed in a compartment we recommend that your compartment is ventilated for boiler cooling purposes. When the system is bled of any air it must be refilled until the pressure shown on the display gauge indicates a system pressure of 1.

To correctly fill in the water into the system you should follow the steps below:. Verify that there are no leaks F23 Maximum temperature difference reached between return and flow heating Verify the flow and return heating sensor connection.

Primary pressure sensor- it is hydraulically operated sensor that checks and monitors water shortage and water general pressure in the main circuit. Flow heating temperature sensor fault. No water in the installation: Maximum temperature difference reached between return and flow heating. You heatkine open the cupboard door or provide a mm clearance at the front. Located on the outlet pipe- the heatline c24 manual heat exchnager heatpine monitoring the water temperature coming heatline c24 manual an overheat thermostat.


Boiler normal operation Your appliance can be set to work either on domestic hot water and heating or domestic hot water only.

Release the connection heatline c24 manual gas valve and manifold inlet, retaining the washers for use on reassembly as shown on the picture below. Fault memory will allow you to display up to 10 most recent fault codes Table 1.

Replace washers where needed Verify the igniter unit F28 Ignition fault Verify the return gas circuit gas valve open. Fit the new heat exchanger checking that the plate numbers are the same. Disconnect the electrical leads of low pressure sensor 8. Heatline c24 manual sure that all used washers are replaced if necessary 7. A builtin pump is powered and hot water start to circulate around the central heating pipe system and radiators.

Verify the sensor F20 Overheating fault Verify the operation of the pump. Verify the state of the electrode F32 Incorrect air pressure Verify the entire flue system. Disconnect the leads heatline c24 manual the sensor as shown on the picture below.

Remove the manifold as shown on the picture heatline c24 manual. Return heating temperature sensor fault. Replace faulty sensors F85 Flow and return heating sensors fault Verify temperature sensors connections F86 Underfloor heating contact fault Verify the sensor connections. Re-pressurise, vent and re-fill the system as necessary. Fit the replacement body in reverse order ensuring that the pump washers are sound and fitted correctly and the polarity of the electrical connections heatline c24 manual correct Disconnect d24 electrical leads from the fan 4.

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Heat Line C24 Manuals

Verify mmanual appliance DSN number is correct. The hydraulic circuit now needs to be drained 4. Remove the electrical connections to the PCB by pulling carefully, noting the locations of all the terminals as shown on the picture below. All those are located on the rear of the control heatline c24 manual.

Heat Line C24 Manuals

Open the isolating valves on the low and return connections. Whenever the pressure shown on the gauge is higher then 1. If seals are damaged- replace as necessary 8. Verify that the appliance DSN heatline c24 manual on the screen matches the product code of the nameplate. Now re-pressurise, vent and re-fill the system as necessary. Re-assemble in reverse order Burner replacement 1. Verify heatline c24 manual flame detection electrode.

Is bar LED illuminating? Permanent temperature difference between flow and return heating sensors. Yes Replace overheat thermostats No central heating Is pump running?