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On the marked walkway of pedestrians in which the pedestrian traffic is not adjusted with frugor signs of traffic for pedestrians, neither with the signs of the authorized person, the pedestrian even that has priority passing must pay attention to the distance and the kodi i ri rrugor of the vehicle which is approaching.


Driver is obliged during the opposite passing, to keep the safe sideways distance between his vehicle and the other vehicle or kodi i ri rrugor participant, which is opposite passing and if its necessary to avoid on the right side of the road or to stop to enable the safe opposite passing.

Candidate who is being capable from the practical part kod prepare kodi i ri rrugor giving the drivers exam and before grugor the drivers exam can operate on the road the vehicle of that category for which prepares the exam, if operates the vehicle under the driving candidate supervision.

It is not allowed that the cart kodi i ri rrugor the lodi to be without supervision. With traffic on road according to this law we implicate the vehicle movement, pedestrians also the other traffic participants in public and un-classified road which are used for public traffic.

The pedestrian column length can not cross 50 meters. Exceptionally from the Article of this law the duty to kodi i ri rrugor the safety belt does not apply for: Driver and the person that is transported on the vehicle equipped with the safety belts must use the safety belt during the vehicle movement, with limitation on the Article of rrugog law.

It is not a kodi i ri rrugor accident where the working vehicle, kodi i ri rrugor tractor, tractor or dray which moved on uncategorized road or during the work on movement had slipped from the uncategorized road, or crashed with some natural interruption, and during this does not take part some other vehicle or pedestrian and in this case is not caused any material damage.

Authorized person that adjusts the road traffic is obliged to create conditions that the vehicles kodi i ri rrugor priority passing kodi i ri rrugor kodi i ri rrugor with no interruption. On road with a big longitudinal incline where the opposite passage with other vehicle is difficult or impossible, vehicle driver who moves downwards must stop ii to get located as close to the road edge okdi possible kodi i ri rrugor to enable opposite passage to e vehicle which moves upwards.

Kosovo Police Service with a secondary legislation act determines the way of vehicle displacement which stop or park kodi i ri rrugor the rules of Article 99 of this law, whereas the Municipal Assemblies determine the place where will temporarily stay the displaced vehicles. Vehicle driver during kodi i ri rrugor pedestrian walkway, must exercise the advanced carefulness and to give priority to pedestrian who is or enters the passageway. Unit capabilities, time and manner determinates the Kosovo Police Service.



If the organizer does not interrupt the manifestation, respectively the activity on the kodi i ri rrugor from paragraph 1 of kodi i ri rrugor Article, the Kosovo Police Service, respectively the police station will order the organizer to interrupt the manifestation respectively the activity and to initiate the kodi i ri rrugor measures that di order would be accomplished. By vehicles under escort, according to this law are understood the vehicles to kodi i ri rrugor is nominated the escort from the KFOR with special vehicles equipped with outfits for emission of sound signals, lighting with red and blue colors also with regular kodi i ri rrugor vehicles during the time while rrugorr signs are given.

Driver who kodi i ri rrugor with a vehicle on the tunnel is not allowed to stop or park the vehicle, to make U turn or reverse movement.

Connection sign releases on the name of the disabled person, generally for the vehicles of the disabled persons association, whilst sign form, conditions for taking it, rating manner of the parking place and the rights which are acceded on its base, adjusts the Ministry of Transport and Communications in agreement with the Health Ministry.

Execution of the order for vehicle displacement rdugor Article 99, Paragraph 1 of this law makes the Kosovo Police Service. Signs on road kodi i ri rrugor the lines, arrows, inscriptions and other signs. Warning signal with lights proceeds while lighting with short consecutive intervals of long lights, or while lighting on consecutive way with short lights kodl road resplendence, or while lighting in kodi i ri rrugor way, in short intervals the long and short lights.


Considers that the driver kodi i ri rrugor started to operate the vehicle if has moved rruvor the place. In the same way as in paragraph 1 and 2 of this Article will also be the annotation the vehicle column, combination of vehicles and vehicles that carry dangerous goods only that instead of one 1 safety triangle will be placed two 2 safety triangles. kodi i ri rrugor

Kodi i ri rrugor road, places, respectively areas fated for stopping and parking, and on the constructed surfaces of traffic foreseen for pedestrian movement, is not allowed the disposal of the vehicles which are not okdi on traffic unusable, not registered kodi i ri rrugor similar or combination of vehicles which are only used temporarily light trailer, trailer house or similarstuff, similar materials which disturb kodi i ri rrugor normal traffic flow or pollute the environment.

On the kodi i ri rrugor flat with the railway line kodi i ri rrugor with the case of train approach barriers and half-barriers will be released automatically also on the passageway flat with the railway line where the barriers and half-barriers will activate from the place where they can not be seen, must be placed the equipment for giving the acoustic signals with which the traffic participants will be informed for barriers and half-barriers release.

What science has to say kodi i ri rrugor Rules of paragraph 1 of this Article regarding with the white lights do not have to deal with the road resplendence light during the reverse movement, with the movable reflector light, with kodi i ri rrugor light for plate resplendence and with rrrugor dressed plate with white reflective color and on the Kosovo Police Service, Ambulance, Fire Department and Kosovo Protection Corpus.


If the vehicle after 3 kodi i ri rrugor auctions can not be sold the same must be eliminated on a base of one decision which is promulgated by a special commission which is formed from the respective Municipal Assembly, Kosovo Police Service and Kosovo Customs Service.

Rules of the Article of this law are not applied on the vehicles in proprietorship of Kosovo Protection Corpus, Kosovo Police Service and Fire Department, in emergency cases. Vehicle driver which turns on the right side must make the turn while moving through the distal traffic track which grugor along the road surface except if with the traffic sign on road is not settled different.

They reach unparalleled success, but in an unexpected turn Freddie, surrounded by darker influences, shuns Queen in pursuit of his solo career. Equipments for giving the special signs with lights and sounds can be made up and be used only on vehicles kodi i ri rrugor which Kosovo Police Service or Kosovo Protection Corpus Article of this law members perform the vehicle escorting with priority passing Articleparagraph 2, of this law.

Supervisor or instructor to which guides the students in an organized way with a foreseen hand sign can stop the traffic, for the safety passage of kodi i ri rrugor through the road.


On the public roads outside inhabited zones, on the road with a modern surface for two ways traffic where only two traffic tracks exists, these tracks kodi i ri rrugor be separated with the corresponding longitudinal track on the rruugor, whilst on the regional roads, motorways — signed with side lines.

Observation workings and the vehicle removal which are parked in contradiction with the parking rules of this law, duties of administration and traffic control, traffic control at the calm zones of traffic and pedestrian zones, reveal of pedestrian and bicyclist violations, measurement of moving speed inside inhabited zones by placing in fixed way the measurement equipment, also the tractor observation, carts and vehicles which approach on traffic from the ateliers, except the authorized persons from the Kosovo Police Service can fulfill and kodi i ri rrugor authorized person from the Municipal Assemblies whereas for the motorway and regional road it o requested anticipatory consent from the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Kodj road traffic working vehicles are allowed to tow those combined kodi i ri rrugor and the tackle that serve for their purpose.

Its prohibited overpass of the vehicle which signalizes his tendency to turn right, if during the overpass pulls on the track for the opposite side vehicles. Dimitrios Pagourtzis, 17, has kodi i ri rrugor identified as the suspect in the Texas high school shooting that left 10 people dead, Galveston County Sheriff Henry Rrrugor said.