The LM LMC is a voltage regulator designed primar- ily for series Operating Temperature Range LM .. This datasheet has been download from. LM is an adjustable voltage regulator IC used for shunt regulator, current regulator, and temperature controller. The LM is a monolithic integrated programmable voltage regulator, assembled in. lead dual in-line plastic package. The circuit provides internal current.

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But if your power supply is very old, and you have replaced the IC. Be sure Vin does not exceed 35V!. Second, the input voltage must be at least 3. The old one had 2 of lm723 datasheet pins open while which were being used lm723 datasheet voltage feedback sensing. The latter being a very curious designation. I’ve added DIP pin numbers as those match what you show.

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I think the is okay because I did swap it with another with no difference. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. I tested it with a 5-ohm power resistor. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our lm723 datasheet terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie lm723 datasheetand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

To get more output voltage you need to use “booster” transistors.

Above I lmm723 the ratio of R6: Is Q2 providing feedback? I suspect you’ll find a collector-base short on Q4. Closing would lm723 datasheet very sad.

First, thank you kindly to those who lm723 datasheet my original post for errors and clarity. A was used to regulate the HV output 15KV. Top lm723 datasheet About Us Advertise. There are two aspects to this. My response below suggests a plug-in choice: All the zener does in the diagram there is provide a stable lm723 datasheet between pins 9 and 10, correct? Is R8 a bias resistor? If things go wrong and Vout is not as high as it should be due to a failure somewhere then Q1 tries to tear the arms off the ie apply too much base voltage – if the is tougher than Q1 then Lm723 datasheet may lose instead.


As Q1 is a TO92 package with dissipation lm723 datasheet under 1 Watt this is probably lm723 datasheet it exploded – summat went aglae, the tried to turn on to cause Vout to rise by turning on Q1 to turn on Q3, the cct did not comply so lm723 datasheet kept turning Q1 on and it gave up dur to the ‘s base current. It should be at least lm723 datasheet rated and I’d use a 5W as they are about as cheap and much safer.

This will be compared to a sample of the Vout voltage. See data sheet for dissipation ratings which set max Vdrop x Iout you can use. A will probably survive that if the heatsink is good enough. Vin is divided down and stood on top of as “pedestal’ made from Vref scaled down by Vr and R5.

What’s the purpose of this? Frankly, assuming there are no shorts, the only thing that can kill Q1 is if Q4 is dead, and then only if you have a relatively low resistance load on the power supply. The zener diode I refer to is in the function block diagram of the datasheet and refers to zener voltage Vz out of pin 9.

Don’t know why your reply got downvoted, lm723 datasheet of value.


It was first introduced in the early ‘s. Q2 is for short-circuit protection- it detects the voltage across Lm723 datasheet So how do the transistors function?

Q2 is a current limiter.

My question is more to do with how the circuit itself operates because I’m not sure. I have a basic grasp on their operation, getting more familiar with small signal characteristics, lm723 datasheet, but besides knowing the is the pass transistor and power transistor, that’s about it. I know for sure the is okay and funnily enough discovered 3 out of 4 new lm723 datasheet I bought are nonfunctional.

This is a design from the dawn of solid state time that lm723 datasheet much to teach. You mention 2N in comments but not on diagram or in question.

In non-experimental contexts they explode because a reverse voltage is inadvertantly applied across its terminals, or a very large current passes thru its terminals.

Power supply with LM – Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

I actually managed to figure out the part about how dataseet varies the voltage from by myself on the weekend, I was pretty happy with myself, I’m impressed you got the value like that though, right on the money haha. Get each one as they usually contain the same information lm723 datasheet in different ways. Don’t worry, this lm723 datasheet won’t stay closed.

LM lm723 datasheet the bees knees voltage regulator controller and maybe also the only one readily available ‘way back when’. Questions Tags Users Badges Dtaasheet. Is that due to pin 9 being grounded?