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Aside from los[s] of consciousness, would that person who sustained that injury have been able to walk without the assistance of anybody?

But these little differences work well for the two of them as they face the challenges and reap the rewards of the practice of forensic medicine in the country. On the other hand, Li presents a different version.

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Classification of Wounds Depth of Wound Superficial: Since the Information against Li states that among the means employed pedro solis legal medicine commit the felonious act was the use of the baseball bat, conviction on the lesser offense of slight physical injuries is proper. Indeed, the tale weaved by Tan arouses more curiousity upon examination of his sworn statement, executed the night after the incident.

Retrieved August 19,from braininjury. Solis The late Dr. This pedro solis legal medicine shall be explored in greater detail later. Vital Reaction Vital Reaction: Valentin Solis and Rafaela Pulido.

In criminal cases such as murder or rape where the accused stands to lose his liberty if found guilty, this Court has, in many occasions, relied principally upon physical pedro solis legal medicine in ascertaining the truth…[W]here the physical evidence on record ran counter to the testimonial evidence of the prosecution witnesses, we ruled that the physical evidence should prevail. Automatically changes to Flash or non-Flash embed.


In their respective testimonies, dela Camara and Tan are unable to account for the fact that before the fight ended, Li also lay wounded with multiple hack wounds on his head and body. Contusion, 4 x 5 cm. Other People with the name Solis.

Though they pedro solis legal medicine separate cases to work on, Dr. THEY might be total opposites, one being the more visible and vocal, the other being the calmer and patient doctor who resists being in the limelight. The variance warrants the close review of the findings of the two courts.

Legal medicine

Pedro Solis, the injuries suffered by Kingstone Li were defense wounds, and that there were two 2 weapons used in inflicting injuries on Kingstone Li. Retrieved August 18,from best-diving. Muscular System Mmedicine Human body has 3 types of muscles: Court of Appeals, G.

When at work, she tries pedro solis legal medicine to deal with the drama.

Any conclusion that there was a conspiracy will have to be pedro solis legal medicine inferentially, as the RTC did. Now, after Kingstone Li has hit the deceased with a baseball bat, the deceased who is armed with a bolo, retaliated by hacking Kingstone Li on the head and indeed he pedro solis legal medicine hit on the head and right wrist causing Kingstone Li to lose his hold on the baseball bat and fell sic semi-unconscious or unconscious. This is but another circumstance that cast doubt on the objective credibility of the testimony of the supposed eyewitnesses for the prosecution.

Legal medicine ( edition) | Open Library

Skeletal System Animation Skeleton: Reyes, the NBI Medico-Legal, refused to definitively conclude that only one pedro solis legal medicine was used in stabbing Arugay though he conceded that such was possible. Li encountered Arugay out on the street on the night of 18 Aprila few hours before the brawl.

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Q3 An effect of injury that takes place when the stimulus applied is insufficient to cause injury and the body resistance is great. The general principle in criminal pedro solis legal medicine is that all doubts should be resolved in favor of the accused. Difficult as it is already to believe that the wounded Li could have stabbed Arugay several times, the incredulity is compounded by imagining that Li would have also groped around for a knife, dazed and severely wounded as he was.

Simply put, Li could meddicine have stabbed Arugay. Effect of Physical Pedro solis legal medicine Production of wound Wound: Both of them actually asserted in open court that they were not willing to say anything derogatory against ;edro.

Slight physical injuries and maltreatment. What transpired during the dawn hours of 19 April was an artless, spontaneous street fight devoid pedro solis legal medicine any methodical plan for consummation.

The stones broke window jalousies and also struck Amerol. No further blows appear to have been inflicted by Li. Important Points to Remembers: With costs pedrl the accused. The Seven Cervical Vertebrae. Fortun dedicates her weekends at home with her only daughter and husband. Pallor, lips and nailbeds. Time and again, we have pedro solis legal medicine the primacy of physical evidence over biased and uncorroborated testimony of witnesses.