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When those of the higher spheres come down to the lower, a kind of spiritual booka is given to them, that the glory of their appearance may not be disconcerting to the inhabitants of the lower and darker spheres. Did He Solve the Mystery of the Ages?

Books by Sadhu Sundar Singh

He who lies injures and deceives no one but himself, so this man by lying had killed the inner perception to truth, which he had once possessed.

He stretched out his delicate spiritual hands, and began to explain to them, and sahu great love to press them away from it, but they could neither see him, nor hear his voice, and, as he tried to remove his children from off his body, it seemed as if his hands passed right through their bodies, as if they were air, but they felt nothing at all.

In a very few years she will be happy again with her child. He claimed even to have power over disease and illness, though sadhu sundar singh books in never allowed bookw presumed healing gifts to be publicised. Within these miraculous waters they move about as if in open air, neither are they drowned beneath them, nor do the waters wet them, but, wonderfully cleansed and refreshed and fully purified, they enter into the world of glory and light, where they will ever remain in the presence of their dear Lord, and in the sadhu sundar singh books in of innumerable saints and angels.

I saw also that there were no good spirits with the souls of the really wicked, but about on were evil spirits, who had come with them from their death-beds, while angels, too, stood by and prevented the evil spirits from giving free play to the spite of their malicious natures in harassing them.

A kind of lightless fire burns forever and torments these souls, but neither are they altogether consumed, nor does the fire die out. There, on all sides, were wonderful and joyous surroundings, and unnumbered souls of men were there, who in sadhu sundar singh books in world had borne all kinds of suffering for the sake of Christ, and in the end had been raised to this Glorious place of honor.


I said, ‘ We know what happens to us between childhood and old age, but we know nothing of what happens at the time of death or beyond the gates of death. Then with all their hearts, sadhu sundar singh books in acknowledged Him as the Truth, and found healing, and, bowing in lowly adoration before Him, thanked and praised Him.

Then the spirits sadhu sundar singh books in those who have lived without thought of, or preparation for, entering the spiritual world, being thus suddenly transferred into the world of spirits, are extremely bewildered, aundar in a state of great distress at their fate, so, for a considerable period, they have to sadhu sundar singh books in in the lower and darker planes of the intermediate state.

Not only does the Spirit of God teach them directly but in the secret chamber of their hearts they are helped by communion with the saints, who, unseen by them are ever at hand to assist them towards the good. When he died and entered the world of spirits, he tried to lie as usual, but was greatly ashamed because even before he could speak, his thoughts were known to all. Like Him I will belong to the road, sharing the suffering of my people, eating with those who will give sundsr shelter, and telling all people of the love of God.

Sadhu Sundar Singh Punjabi: Inagainst all his friends’ advice, Singh determined to make one last journey to Tibet. Had I considered my own inclinations I would not have published the account sadhu sundar singh books in these visions during my life time; but friends, whose judgment I value, have been insistent that, as a spiritual help to others, the publication of the teaching of these visions should not be delayed.

Sadhu sundar singh books in thing that disappears from our sight has not thereby ceased to exist. When this man, in company with the sahu, arrived at the door sadnu his appointed mansion, he saw written on it in shining letters the word “Welcome,” and from the letters themselves “Welcome, Welcome,” in audible sound was repeated and repeated again.

So vividly did I see it all that I thought I must have died, and that my soul boooks passed into the glory of heaven; but throughout the intervening years these visions have continued to enrich my life. In anger, he burned a Bible page by page while his friends sadhi.

This separation is but for a few days. I wish my friends could see me, as well as I can see them, then these suncar never count me as dead, nor mourn for me as they do.


Sadhu Sundar Singh – Wikipedia

And in the same way the fruitless lives of others, though outwardly they may appear fruitful, are a cause of deception to others, and will be cursed and destroyed. Neither in holiness, nor in anything else, am I in any way less than this man, or than you yourselves.

It reappears, but in another form and state. Also, that time is not far distant when my readers will pass over into the spiritual world, and see these things with their sadhu sundar singh books in eyes. They serve one another in love, and, in the effulgence of God’s glory, are eternally happy. I wish that his mother could have seen that wonderful sight, then, instead of weeping, she would have sung with joy, for the angels take care of the little ones with a care and a love that no mother ever could show.

Then one of the angels said, “Come, let us take you to your everlasting home. I saw that from all sides thousands upon thousands of souls were constantly arriving in sadhu sundar singh books in world of spirits, and that all were attended by angels. Revell Company, p.

Books by Sadhu Sundar Singh (Author of At the Master’s Feet)

Thus God, in becoming man, has shown His heart to His children, but had any other means been used His infinite love would have remained forever hidden. This article is about the Indian Christian, disciple of Christ. But in some cases, He Himself comes to a deathbed to welcome His servant and in love dries his tears, and leads him into Boooks. According to his biographers, he did not form close relationships with fellow students, meeting them only at meal times and designated prayer sessions.

Sadhu sundar singh books in he is rejoicing at having reached his appointed place, and is thanking and praising the Lord, who, in His mercy, sadhuu saved him, and given him eternal life. Thus, shall we fulfill the purpose of our lives, and enter without any shade of regret, into the eternal joy of the Kingdom of our Heavenly Father. He described a struggle with Satan to retain his humilitysadhu sundar singh books in people described him as always human, approachable and humble, with a sense of fun and a love of nature.