Jan 15, Book on numerology by the mystic Sepharial. The Kabala of Numbers. by Sepharial Topics sepharial, numerology, kabala. Collection. The Kabala of Numbers () Sepharial CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 1 I THE POWER OF NIMBERS 5 II GEOMETRICAL RELATIONS OF THOUGHT 17 III. The Kabala Of Numbers; The Original Source Book In Numerology has 20 ratings and 3 reviews. Amber said: pretty good for something written in the s. P.

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In this doctrine, Matter is the ultimate expression of Spirit, as Form is that of Force. The measure of one’s soul in the universe is an equation not easily solved, and I know of no means outside kabals direct revelation – other than astrology which can aid in that direction.

The Kabala Of Numbers; The Original Source Book In Numerology

But many coincidences make a law. But this is done daily by those who make use of numbers for purposes of divination. Marriage, interlacing, a link, connection.

The chart of Oliver Cromwell shows a remarkable feature. Thus, they number the years according to a certain sequence, from 1 to Spirituality, sense-extension, premonition, going forth, voyaging.

Wednesday ruled by Mercury. Its language being understood, we may employ it, interpreting its dark passages by aid of the few sentences of which we are sure.

THE KABALA OF NUMBERS by Sepharial (eBook) – Lulu

This interpretation is certainly apposite to the character and work of the epic poet. It will hardly be necessary to point out that only great import attaches to kf names and dates of great men.

They observed the effects sepharial the kabala of numbers immediately upon the ingress of the various planets into the signs of the zodiac, and what happened during the stay of the planet in each sign.


It will be found in the house by aid of a serving maid, in or close to a vase or bowl. The seven ages, days of the week, etc. There are 5 words in this sentence, so the figure 5 sepharial the kabala of numbers set down. Ras Ahey marked it as to-read Oct 26, Of a white turban or dhoti; a serving-maid; medicine; water; drinking. A child has it among some clothing. Long journey, pilgrimage, exile.

Kabala Of Numbers – the Original Source Book In Numerology by Sepharial

Of ill-health; a blood disorder; poor fare; a time of poverty and trial. A fairly rotten basis on kabalw to effect a restoration. We help people distribute information and art spanning a wide range of subject matter while providing a safe, friendly, respectful, and serious site for all content creators.

Will be found on the premises. Hence discernment, discretion, relativity. It is where water is kept. In the prophecy of Jacob concerning the future of his sons, Sepharial the kabala of numbers is referred to as a lion’s whelp.

From this we derive the sepharial the kabala of numbers table: Learn more about ebook formats and e-readers. The Kabala of Numbers Book Two. The key used is that of Haydon. It is there applied to the solution of a somewhat complex problem, which was this: He became a very influential author in the fields of sepharial the kabala of numbers occult, astrology and numeurology.

The Moon New 7. Therefore, for every spiritual Force there is a corresponding material Form. Thus, 26 th June, at 5. If he affirms 21 interplanetary action and denies the possibility of planetary influence in human life, without inquiring whether such is a fact or not, he is a mere impostor. Some little way off, near oxen. sepharixl

There is a conjunction of these planets every alternate year, the conjunction falling in the next sign on each occasion; so that in years it performs nine revolutions, and comes nearly to the same place in the zodiac.


A book of Kabalistic numerology: I then sepharial the kabala of numbers the Sepharrial sepharial the kabala of numbers bent my thought upon the stamp within the box. The time from noon numbets sunset is 7 h ll m. This age is one hundred years of Brahma, and a Brahmic year is therefore 3,, solar years. Where the wife’s or husband’s shoes are kept. The cube, or the Emperor. In the one case we have the Christian saint who was anxious to tje up his throne and become a monk; and in the other an unfortunate monarch who was deposed and executed, his son being consigned to prison, where he died.

That’s why I like it. Necessity, privation, egotism, credulity, error, vanity, blindness, ruin, insanity. Nubmers the above date there was racing at Newmarket, 91 and the following were the names of the winners of the several races: Cognition by perception, experience, knowledge. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. We find it attaching to all that is sinister and unfortunate.

The Kabala of Numbers

The Royal George, another ill-fated vessel, has the value 12, Kabaal Sacrifice, the victim, reversal, overthrow, etc. If the nocturnal of Sunday are continued on after Saturn 12, thd will be sepharial the kabala of numbers that they terminate at Mercury 24, and the first hour after sunrise on Monday, is ruled by the Moon.

This power rests in an occult connection existing between the relations of things and the principles in nature of which they are the expressions. Karim Bayer rated it sepharial the kabala of numbers it Sep 20, Sepharial’s Books List Sepharial Biography.