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May 25, Can you sample Button 0 and Button 1 pins with protocol analyzer?

Automate the sonoff wifi switch with tasker application for Android. Hi Markus, I have used your description to program sil f330 Sonoff Dual – thank you very much for sil f330.

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Sign up now to remove ads between posts. I can’t seem to get the above sketches to turn my relays off and on. F330 said over 1 year ago. The ones I’ve tested seem pretty good. George said over 1 year ago. Nestor Perozo said over 1 year ago. Kemal said over 1 year ago. Sil f330 Maeder started a topic almost 2 years ago.

Originally Posted by jonnyc Checking the board the C2 programming interface for the F is made sil f330 via a header the one just above the button interface. I’d like to mix them on a Y6 but only if I’m able to re-flash all to the same firmware. sil f330

Jan sil f330, SLightly fiddly, but no soldering involved, and worked like a charm. Could you take a look at my sketch and give me support how to integrate MQTT into it? I’ve got a few Plush v3. I supposed smallest sil f330 the best choice for this?


Posting Quick Reply sik Please Wait. Enter your search term here Any suggestions on a momentary button I could use in my 1 and 2 gang wall receptacles? Oct 23, Sil f330 Swicth feature in eWeLink. When Sil f330 not at home I have no chance to see the status of my shutters. Remember Me Forgot Password? Merrill said over 1 year ago. Last edited by Saneless; Oct sil f330, at Are there any commands to turn off the two relays individually?

Also, since you can’t see the chip on the v4. I can report that 12A plush works with the TGY. ASK the F what is the curent status of the relays. No reply to my!!! Navigate Isl Classifieds Places Search. Page 15 of First. I just don’t want to solder to that resister sil f330 the sil f330. May 26, How could this be intergrated into the sketch?

Originally Posted by jonnyc67 Hi Jim – rimshotcopter’s ebay suggestion is sil f330 good as any. My programming knowledge is really limited, and so far I was not able to implement MQTT into my Sil f330 sketch see attachment. Powering f30 device from 5V supply. Johnny, Nice adapter Where did you get the pogo pins? You receive that error message when the IDE cannot talk to the board.


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Apr 20, sil f330 Buy the pcb only. The main sil f330 for me is that I sl have a real response form the Sonoff Dual to Fhem. I may have sjl look at this at some point in the future when I recive some more duals but for now all I need is access to the two relays which this thread has solved for me. Seriah headers and custom code. Show Attachments in this Thread.

10PCS SILICON new original whole series SIL F330 C8051F330-GMR C8051F330 MLP20 YF1112

FOr anyone who doesn’t sil f330 doing tiny sil f330, I used a standard male-female breadboard jumper lead; plugged the female side into siil sil f330 pin of the button header, and then just held the tip of the male side to the resistor attached to GPIO10 as I plugged the module into the USB to power up. If I did it again I’d use P50 or p75 v330, j1 or q1 pins as they have a smaller head, as clearance is a bit of an issue I’d also weaken the peg’s spring a bit at a guess. Anyone know the difference between the v3.