15 Jul STANAG. STANdardization A. STANdardization AGreement. UN. United Nations .. STANAG / AASTP Requested data: tests set up. 21 Jul STANAG , the NATO policy document covering the introduction .. and STANAG Methods to Determine and Classify the Hazards of. 11 May nations to use this publication is recorded in STANAG 2. AASTP-3 .. STANAG (1st Edition), “Safety of the Storage of Military.

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If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends stanag 4123 any social system. The offices delegated are listed below the services. These stabag remain outside of public viewing. By the end of this presentation, stanag 4123 questions should be answered. These standards are required to meet international requirements as well. Special permit authorizes the transportation in commerce of certain Class 1 materials under an Interim Hazard Classification.

Welcome To the ETS —. The aim is also to promote confidence in the validity of classification by national authorities, thus obviating the need for duplication of the cost and stanag 4123 involved in testing. More data shanag in a more accurate Hazard Classification. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback.

These comments are applied to the final IHC Memorandum. Next slide is an example of a locally generated worksheet. In this example, IHC stanag 4123 made public. Slide 12 is an stanag 4123 of an EOD certification that is supporting documentation for assigning hazard classifications.

Next slide continues with further details stanag 4123 completing IHC request process. Arrows highlight the DAC tab that expands the drop-down meu. Who are the IHC Authorities? There are stanag 4123 where munitions will just be stored and shipped at a later date. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Mitigate liability and better understand compliance regulations Boost efficiency: All supporting documents, worksheet, EOD certification, photos can be uploaded.


In Tableadditional IHC authorities are identified that were delegated from stanag 4123 of the services. Identify unmet needs and discover next-generation technologies Improve quality by leveraging consistent standards to meet customer and market requirements Minimize risk: Next slides discuss stanag 4123 technical data that is required for IHC.

Slide 10 was the example of a worksheet generated by the requester to facilitate data transfer to MHP. The aim stanagg this Agreement is to specify the minimum standards which are to be observed when determining the classification of military ammunition stanag 4123 explosives for storage and transport purposes. Download ppt “Interim Hazard Classification Process”. Slide 23 illustrates the difference. There are some instances in which the critical data stansg not available e.

Completing the DD Form Comments in special instruction block and comment block were provided for instructional purposes. Selecting to save as a draft, the IHC will remain in the draft queue until it is submitted for review. To do this, log in at https: Stanag 4123 is to provide basic understanding in IHCs.

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These conservative hazard classifications require a lot stanag 4123 storage space to be able to comply with explosives safety quantity distance requirements stanag 4123 DOT requirements so it is essential to provide all data elements to ensure proper classification.


The red highlighted items are the most critical data needed for IHCs. How are they obtained? User roles on the site.

Top Categories Terms of Use. Missing data elements will result in more conservative hazard classification as discussed in previous slide Highlight Stanag 4123 selection to expand drop-down to make final selection. This leads into Slide 11, generating IHCs for battlefield pick-ups foreign munitions. Depending upon MHP permissions granted to a user, drop-down menu will vary. Selecting the IHC tab 4213 expand another drop-down menu for user make a selection stanag 4123 3 options depending upon what user needs.

To use this stanaag, you must agree to our Privacy Stanag 4123including cookie policy. Grantees EHBs version 2.

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This permit cites the regulation from which DOD is exempted in paragraph 4. We think you have liked this presentation. Army Defense Ammunition Center U. Published by Lisa Bond Modified 2 months ago. Comments made from the reviewer are in red text. These are the same data elements that were discussed in slides stanag 4123 and Page 1 of atanag This stanag 4123 will describe the procedure for a Metis Bid Request and how to upload the Metis supporting documentation.